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Our service: educational workshops, business events, pokernights and casino tables (roulette, blackjack, poker) to rent. You're on the right place.

Poker trains our analytical and mathematical skills.


It promotes solution-oriented thinking, teaches us patience and self-discipline and requires a long-term investment thinking.


"To play poker" means, due to the current situation, which I have to understand and interpret correctly, to adjust my next steps so that exactly happens, what I want.


Inspire your employees to have more fun while working thanks to using poker strategies. They'll be more creative and more motivated.


Try our business poker workshops.

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We'll organize your very personal and exclusive poker or casino night.


Let us take your guests to the world of poker adventures! Our well-trained poker-coaches offer you more than mere entertainment.


All of our coaches are very good poker players themselves – our poker faces are more than just a facade!


PokerAcademy is on tour in whole Switzerland with mobile original poker tables. We are looking forward to riffle the cards for you and to experience unforgettable event nights, together with your team or your guests.

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«In life, it’s not about which cards you get,
but how you play them.»
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The PokerAcademy serves also the SDGs, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

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