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We are at those places where people like to stay and gamble.
We are players.

From our principles


Our core competence is to organize high end poker and casino events for teams and workshops related to fun and gambling. We are strong in games for business teams and teambuilding exercises.


With an experience of more than 10 years we can guarantee perfectly well-organized business or private events.


Our reliable employees all find great joy in what they are doing. We are young (or have remained young), athletic and active.


Within our team we are available for each other and act honestly, respectfully and fair at all times. Our strong points are our services. We offer service of the highest quality, act competently, charmingly and humanly.  


Our relationship to our competitors is good and we consider them to be a  challenge for us rather than our rivals.

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Classes and events since 2005


PokerAcademy was founded in 2005 aiming to teach ‘No-limit Texas Hold’em‘ to private persons in evening and weekend classes. This idea was published via internet and presented to the media who reacted with lots of exposure. Besides the target audience showed great interest in poker nights as firm events from the very beginning.

The one-person business grew, trained its own croupiers and dealers and became one of the leading hosts of poker events in Switzerland – also due to the ‘poker boom’ that reached Switzerland in 2006.


In December 2007, poker outside of casinos was legalized, opening the Swiss market for many clubs and organizers of poker tournaments.


Two and a half years later, the Federal Court decided – contrary to the opposite opinion of experts – that poker is a mere game of chance and was forbidden again for public and commercial use, except for casinos.


Many poker clubs were closed and dozens of jobs got lost. The game of poker was once again banned to the living and back rooms.


PokerAcademy is not affected by the change in the law that was inured in May, 2010. We organize private events on a private scale, with no buy-in by the individuals. Interested companies and private persons can book us for all legally allowed services in the poker and casino events field.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Company name:

PokerAcademy, C. Chinello


Founder and managing director:

Claudia Chinello


Employees and poker-coaches:

Claudia, Reto, Andreas, Dominik, ...


Founded in 2005 in Zurich.