Poker for teambuilding exercices

Only motivated and creative employees achieve best results.

Get inspired by our presentations and workshops and arrange your staff’s business life to a more playful one.


PokerAcademy offers seminars – also in cooperation with our partners (coaches, motivational trainers and business professionals) – dealing with topics such as business poker and the achievement of goals


Doing this we consider your personal requests and the needs of your team. We can focus on topics like marketing and sales, motivation, resilience, personal value system and will find out, how we can protect ourselves from manipulation.


In Reto Schabron’s motivational seminars you will learn how you and your staff will attain more motivation and how to recognize and overcome stumbling blocks. He will also demonstrate how to handle problems and negative incidents in practice.


If we're talking about gamification we'll work together with PROsoludo GmbH in Basel.

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«Want to succeed in business? Play Poker!»


This is the beginning sentence of an article of the American news channel CBS from October 2009, which reports why poker is good for your business life.


Top managers understand the logic of the game within a few minutes and they are far more successful in estimating their opponents at the poker table than others. They often proceed more analytical and react less emotional in important decisions. On the other side, many successful poker players often are excellent businessmen, after their poker careers.


A successfull poker player does not win every game, but he will win more money with good cards and loose less with poor cards as a mediocre player. That's exaclty what makes the difference and ensures long term winnings and that you reach your goals sustainably.


Let your team learn more.

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Six basic pieces of advice from the poker table for your next meeting:

1. Know the rules and your exact goal/target!

2. Do the reality check: How strong are you really?

3. Who is your opponent?

4. Act correctly by regarding all facts. Now.

5. Be prepared for the final.

6. Listen to your stomach: Both at the poker table as well as in business negotiations.

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