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Visit one or two of our online Poker trial courses:


1. Online Poker course for Beginners, CHF 55.00

You'll learn how to play No-Limit Texas Hold'em. Really from the beginning.


2. Business Poker, CHF 45.00

We'll not play poker, but we will discuss which poker strategies could make you more successfull in your daily (business) life. You wanna bet?

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1. Online Pokerkurs for Beginners


Texas Hold’em is one of the easiest poker games to learn. Two cards, at least one opponent, five cards on the table and the better hand will win - It's so easy? 


Maybe yes, but just in the beginning. The deeper you dig into the game the more interesting and challenging it will become!



After the welcoming words and a short introduction (approx. 30 min) we will play poker at an online table. Of course, without real money and without risk or time pressure.


If you wish, you can activate your camera to create a real live atmosphere. The game will be stopped regularly and all questions of the participants will be answered.


After this course, you can already play on online tables on legal poker platforms. You'll only win!


We look forward to a maximum of 20 participants.

2. Business Poker: What you can learn for life


To play Poker: What does this mean exactly and how is it, to play poker, professionally? Is life a game? Are players more successful in life?


Poker is basically not a card game, it is a well thought-out negotiation strategy that, used correctly, leads to more success. Where do you play "Poker" in life and where is it appropriate not to do so? Who influences us positively or negatively and where should we have a good pokerface?



  • Welcome words and a short networking (pitch)
  • What Poker is and what not
  • Discussion in small groups
  • Manipulation?
  • 6 tips from the Poker table for life (call-to-action!)
  • Q + A


We look forward to a maximum of 20 participants.